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Ok, here is something I have never done before, but seeing as a few manga people are following me now, I might as well try it. It might get me back into reading other series I have stopped (Pandora Hearts is next, but Ao no Exorcist is still looking good as well...)

It was a fruitful week indeed, as 3 of the monthly series I'm following updated:

D.Gray-man, or KANDA WHAT )

Noblesse )

Kuroshitsuji or CRICKET!! )
Cautious fanfic rec of the day: So let it be said, so let it be done, Yu-Gi-Oh, Puzzleshipping, It's not every day a person gets a second chance at life. Sometimes the doors we walk through lead us to places we'd never thought we'd go... or right back to where we started.
Cautious, because I haven't actually read it all, but it's a yu-gi-oh fanfic that I haven't read before and the writing is good enough to not scare me off 4 chapters in, so I'm counting it as a win

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So seeing as this is another rec post challenge, you get more recs from me, but this time I'm sticking to fiction, but as per the rules they are all at least 6 months old^^

To make things more interesting I will rec stuff that I consider to be real gems in their respective fandoms, but generally not that well known which is too bad because they are awesome.

I have tried to limit myself, I could rec many more and maybe I will later, so these are just the ones that popped into mind instantly, because they are new to me or I recently re-read them etc. I also tried to give a wide range of fandoms justice, so I hope everyone finds something they might enjoy

Warning some of these fics are Gen, slash, het, some PG and some NC-17, while I wont label them, all the pages I've linked to give a rating in their descriptions so I hope that's enough. If someone wants me to put in pairings, please say so and I will.

On to the recs )

Well that was fun, maybe I will do rec lists more often ;)

till then

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In the spirit of the Fandom Appreciation Challenge, have Recs!

First disney themed stuff!

Sherlock wont say he's in love because if you think of Sherlock you obviously think about Disney songs XD

Piccolo will make a man out of you the wonderful adaption of the timeless disney song-- sung by the Dragonball Z characters

The last is wonderfully twisted art of evil renditions of Disney Princesses like Mulan or Meg. The main page is here

Other vids:

I wanna do bad things to you a very well done Sherlock/John (BBC) vid, with orignal sound clips used for perfect effect with the lyrics (uhh Cumberbatchs voice is doing bad things with me in this^^)

Cupids Chokehold one of the first vids in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom, but very good and nice Danny/Steve one

Phenomenon not the original creator to this one (it was made by Premonition Studios) but you have to download it, so have the youtube link to one of the best Naruto fanvids in my opinion

And last but not least a fic I read last week and really enjoyed:

Skybird  White Collar/Inception crossover: Arthur and Eames adopt a 13 year old Neal - wonderful rendition of this interesting premise, super long, fun, interesting and compatible with both universes. The characterization is spot on and the writing is superb

ta ta ~~


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