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This journal will probably not contain a lot, because I am frankly crap at all kinds of updating.

What it will be is mainly a fandom journal in which I may randomly spout my opinion about all the stuff I am reading/watching, mainly to amuse myself ;)

If you are interested in my writing and don't want to wade through my frankly terrifying tag system, you can check out my AO3 profile. Otherwise most (if not always all) of my stuff can be found under the tag my fanfiction.

In my new found resolution to use this more, I will try to recommend one piece of fanfiction at least once a week, which will then be found under the Fanfic Rec tag.

Anybody who wants to can friend/subscribe to this journal, but don't expect any kind of posting schedule or coherency.

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unpopular opinion time (not really): I really love satire when it’s done well even if it’s done for stuff I really like. I just noticed again, because I just found out about the glee reviews from vulture and I’m laughing my ass off. Not because I necessarily agree with everything they say (though they do have some points, because glee is horribly broken, omg, why can’t my babies be in a better scripted show ;___;), like I am not that harsh and my love for Blaine is endless, but because their satire comes from a place of caring AND more importantly doesn’t discrimante.

I just noticed that that is what good satire is about for me. I worried a bit the past few weeks, because I felt compelled to defend Blaine/Darren from all the hate he gets, that I was choosing to be selectively blind and wouldn’t be able to takeanycriticism against him. Which would suck, because people are totally entitled to find him boring, if they want to. But the difference ingoodsatire, like in what vulture does, is to be fair about it. If the writers make weird choices, make fun of that, if the actors make funny faces, take a piss. But don’t do it to one character if you wont do it to another. 

They do it to everyone in a cheeky way and then I can totally crack up about Kurt-wardrobe-ridiculing and Blaine-bashing.

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God I need to organize my bookmarks...I've kinda been abusing the "memories" function on livejournal, which is fine I guess, but the whole point of having a bookmarking site in the first place, was so I could have an overview AND look at all the stuff I liked by tags...

Actually what I should do is put on some music and organize all of my different stuff together, I mean having diigo and my AO3 bookmarks is fine, but I really need to get a grip on my fanfiction.net favourites and get rid of all the bad links and horrible stuff I liked 6 years ago. AND I finally figured out how to use tumblr, so now a bit of stuff is just liked over there. argh

(actually what I should be doing is writing and learning stuff for uni, but I guess organizing bookmarks will happen before that *le sigh*
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Sometimes I get a very specific yearning for a specific scenario. Like, I'm looking to catch up on all the HP fanfiction I've missed in the last 4 years or so. But when I tried looking for finders communities or rec lists there were outdated or horribly, horribly tagged.

And then I cry a little inside, because the Supernatural fandom spoiled me so much and why can't every fandom be as organized, is a well tagged finders community really too much to ask for, god.

I just want Harry centric Outsider POV from like his time at the Dursleys or from people who knew him then, is that really too much to ask for?

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Feeling especially fat and ugly today. Where the fuck is my knight in shining armor anyway. le sigh. Bah tomorrow I'll feel better about it I suppose and its a horribly stupid girly problem anyway (fuck you media btw, fuck you very much). Just how is one supposed to pick up/flirt with guys for an ego boost when you feel like everyone will turn you down anyway, because you weigh 10 kilo over the beauty standard. Its a stupid cycle of stupid, which is wrong and just self pitying, but can't help myself somtimes.

In other news, YGO fandom get off your ass and produce something readable I'm begging you. Sometimes I get in the mood and 90% of what you have to offer I don't even get to the back button, because the summary already tells me that I will have no desire to read your stupid Mary Sue/mpreg/author insert/badly written mess.

Now I'm going back to procrastinating my procrastination and watching a guy  in the shadows talk about bad pop music


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