Dec. 23rd, 2012 07:51 pm
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This journal will probably not contain a lot, because I am frankly crap at all kinds of updating.

What it will be is mainly a fandom journal in which I may randomly spout my opinion about all the stuff I am reading/watching, mainly to amuse myself ;)

If you are interested in my writing and don't want to wade through my frankly terrifying tag system, you can check out my AO3 profile. Otherwise most (if not always all) of my stuff can be found under the tag my fanfiction.

In my new found resolution to use this more, I will try to recommend one piece of fanfiction at least once a week, which will then be found under the Fanfic Rec tag.

Anybody who wants to can friend/subscribe to this journal, but don't expect any kind of posting schedule or coherency.

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