ravelqueen: (bang saiyuki)
ravelqueen ([personal profile] ravelqueen) wrote2012-05-24 02:56 pm

Random thoughts about weird homophobic insults and misogyny

A thought just came to me, I have never understood how or why people who are homophobic refer to gay guys as "cocksucker" and intend it as an insult.

I mean presumably that's what your girlfriends/wifes etc. do for you as well? I mean, blow-jobs aren't something exclusive to homosexual relations, right? And seeing as most people like/love their significant others, why would you want them to do it, if you think it's so demeaning and dirty and wrong.

Just boggles the mind. Basically this is another proof that a lot of the time people who are homophobic also have latent misogynistic tendencies. Why else would they think that looking/acting/dressing in a way they perceive to be typically "feminine" should be considered an insult? Or sexual acts sometimes performed by women (giving blow jobs, being penetrated etc.) as demeaning?