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A thought just came to me, I have never understood how or why people who are homophobic refer to gay guys as "cocksucker" and intend it as an insult.

I mean presumably that's what your girlfriends/wifes etc. do for you as well? I mean, blow-jobs aren't something exclusive to homosexual relations, right? And seeing as most people like/love their significant others, why would you want them to do it, if you think it's so demeaning and dirty and wrong.

Just boggles the mind. Basically this is another proof that a lot of the time people who are homophobic also have latent misogynistic tendencies. Why else would they think that looking/acting/dressing in a way they perceive to be typically "feminine" should be considered an insult? Or sexual acts sometimes performed by women (giving blow jobs, being penetrated etc.) as demeaning?
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unpopular opinion time (not really): I really love satire when it’s done well even if it’s done for stuff I really like. I just noticed again, because I just found out about the glee reviews from vulture and I’m laughing my ass off. Not because I necessarily agree with everything they say (though they do have some points, because glee is horribly broken, omg, why can’t my babies be in a better scripted show ;___;), like I am not that harsh and my love for Blaine is endless, but because their satire comes from a place of caring AND more importantly doesn’t discrimante.

I just noticed that that is what good satire is about for me. I worried a bit the past few weeks, because I felt compelled to defend Blaine/Darren from all the hate he gets, that I was choosing to be selectively blind and wouldn’t be able to takeanycriticism against him. Which would suck, because people are totally entitled to find him boring, if they want to. But the difference ingoodsatire, like in what vulture does, is to be fair about it. If the writers make weird choices, make fun of that, if the actors make funny faces, take a piss. But don’t do it to one character if you wont do it to another. 

They do it to everyone in a cheeky way and then I can totally crack up about Kurt-wardrobe-ridiculing and Blaine-bashing.

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Spoilers for songs, and behind the scenes interview. )

Also as someone had pointed out, Blaine/Kurt related songs have never made much sense relationship wise and yeah, from the ones I can remember....


1. Baby it's cold outside: pre-Klaine and while it was flirty it didn't have anything to do with their characters

2. Let it snow: the same as 1. just this time with established Klaine

3. Candles: They just got together....and sing a break-up song

4. Perfect: Where they both sing about how another character entirely is perfect.

Group-number leads

1. Animal: ehm, yeah pre-Klaine about being really in lust with someone

2. Love Shack: ......a song about how they would really like to have a great big orgy? (WTF)


They haven't been a lot, especially cause you can't always tell if they are singing it for them.

Like , correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Kurt has ever sung for Blaine, even "Blackbird" was for Pavarotti, not Blaine.

So that leaves us with

1. Teenage Dream: which is topical, but so, so pre-Klaine that it barely counts as a serenade

2. Somewhere only we know: kind of topical, but also super sad, again a break up song and more the message of the Warblers than anyone else

So yeah, maybe Song Selection really doesn't tell us a lot about what those two crazy kids will be up to


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