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Sooo I learned a lot these past two days how one should learn effectively, by making study plans and organizing and doing things early and shit for this final I have in an hour....The irony of it all it burns my eyes.

I just see myself in 10 years trying to get my students to do their homework effectively and feeling like the biggest hypocrite there ever was... oh well.

Now just hoping all the random knowledge I crammed into my head will actually help me pass this stupid exam (Why can't I get passing marks for my truly extensive knowledge of etiquette in fandom for example? That is stuff I totally know!)
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Well, 2011 kind of sucked, because I was being stupid, by sabotaging myself a lot, so hopefully 2012 will be better (and the world doesn't end XD)

Interestingly enough, concerning fandom and not rl, 2011 was really good. I got into a few quite big serious fandoms and actually managed to finally get into writing fanfic, after exclusively reading for something like 6 years.

4 different challenges in 3 different fandoms with around 10.000 words. All in all, not bad for a first effort, I guess ;). Now I'll just have to combine rl success with fandom and all will be well.

I hope you all had a kick ass year and that 2012 will  be even better

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Feeling especially fat and ugly today. Where the fuck is my knight in shining armor anyway. le sigh. Bah tomorrow I'll feel better about it I suppose and its a horribly stupid girly problem anyway (fuck you media btw, fuck you very much). Just how is one supposed to pick up/flirt with guys for an ego boost when you feel like everyone will turn you down anyway, because you weigh 10 kilo over the beauty standard. Its a stupid cycle of stupid, which is wrong and just self pitying, but can't help myself somtimes.

In other news, YGO fandom get off your ass and produce something readable I'm begging you. Sometimes I get in the mood and 90% of what you have to offer I don't even get to the back button, because the summary already tells me that I will have no desire to read your stupid Mary Sue/mpreg/author insert/badly written mess.

Now I'm going back to procrastinating my procrastination and watching a guy  in the shadows talk about bad pop music

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I mean that literally!

I'm off the AECON 2 a Supernatural convention in Mannheim!! Super excited, even though it was a stupid spontanous idea that I had with my enabling friend [livejournal.com profile] akai_corbie (ok, in our relationship I'm totally the enabler, whatever if she had told me its stupid I wouldn't have done it, so she is totally enabling me <3) and is going to cost so much money, oh my god.

But I don't caaare~~ because its going to be awesome!XDXDXD

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What it says on the tin...

arghhh I seriously, seriously detest being depressed, especially as this time its something I could easily solve, if I just sat down on my ass to write the paper that has been overdue for nearly 6 months but as my auditions are not going well I think I'm just sabotaging myself here


so in other news Sherlock is awesome, I'm working on a Hawaii Five-0 fanvid because clearly this is a good idea *headdesks* and [personal profile] leupagus  is doing an awesome write together in which I actually participated...which is odd because my writing is really not all that good....but I was tired, anyway lots of other awesome people writing stuff^^

Also I made a post on [livejournal.com profile] misspamela 's love meme here because I'm sadface today

Anyway I hope that was enough whining to vent a bit, sorry to anyone actually reading this ;)


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