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unpopular opinion time (not really): I really love satire when it’s done well even if it’s done for stuff I really like. I just noticed again, because I just found out about the glee reviews from vulture and I’m laughing my ass off. Not because I necessarily agree with everything they say (though they do have some points, because glee is horribly broken, omg, why can’t my babies be in a better scripted show ;___;), like I am not that harsh and my love for Blaine is endless, but because their satire comes from a place of caring AND more importantly doesn’t discrimante.

I just noticed that that is what good satire is about for me. I worried a bit the past few weeks, because I felt compelled to defend Blaine/Darren from all the hate he gets, that I was choosing to be selectively blind and wouldn’t be able to takeanycriticism against him. Which would suck, because people are totally entitled to find him boring, if they want to. But the difference ingoodsatire, like in what vulture does, is to be fair about it. If the writers make weird choices, make fun of that, if the actors make funny faces, take a piss. But don’t do it to one character if you wont do it to another. 

They do it to everyone in a cheeky way and then I can totally crack up about Kurt-wardrobe-ridiculing and Blaine-bashing.


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