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In the spirit of the Fandom Appreciation Challenge, have Recs!

First disney themed stuff!

Sherlock wont say he's in love because if you think of Sherlock you obviously think about Disney songs XD

Piccolo will make a man out of you the wonderful adaption of the timeless disney song-- sung by the Dragonball Z characters

The last is wonderfully twisted art of evil renditions of Disney Princesses like Mulan or Meg. The main page is here

Other vids:

I wanna do bad things to you a very well done Sherlock/John (BBC) vid, with orignal sound clips used for perfect effect with the lyrics (uhh Cumberbatchs voice is doing bad things with me in this^^)

Cupids Chokehold one of the first vids in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom, but very good and nice Danny/Steve one

Phenomenon not the original creator to this one (it was made by Premonition Studios) but you have to download it, so have the youtube link to one of the best Naruto fanvids in my opinion

And last but not least a fic I read last week and really enjoyed:

Skybird  White Collar/Inception crossover: Arthur and Eames adopt a 13 year old Neal - wonderful rendition of this interesting premise, super long, fun, interesting and compatible with both universes. The characterization is spot on and the writing is superb

ta ta ~~

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In celebration of the H5-0 Blowout have a random dialogue ficlet inspired by my weird love for oatmeal

Morning after )

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What it says on the tin...

arghhh I seriously, seriously detest being depressed, especially as this time its something I could easily solve, if I just sat down on my ass to write the paper that has been overdue for nearly 6 months but as my auditions are not going well I think I'm just sabotaging myself here


so in other news Sherlock is awesome, I'm working on a Hawaii Five-0 fanvid because clearly this is a good idea *headdesks* and [personal profile] leupagus  is doing an awesome write together in which I actually participated...which is odd because my writing is really not all that good....but I was tired, anyway lots of other awesome people writing stuff^^

Also I made a post on [livejournal.com profile] misspamela 's love meme here because I'm sadface today

Anyway I hope that was enough whining to vent a bit, sorry to anyone actually reading this ;)


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