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Because I actually really liked the last two weeks episodes? I mean they had their dumb moments - it's glee - but compared with thinks like "glease" it was top-notch

Perky and delicious bottoms after the cut )

I'm really looking forward to next episode (and Blaine in a red feather vest, mhmmm) and it has truly been awhile since I could say that, so kudos to you glee writers!,

Wow Glee

May. 23rd, 2012 04:25 am
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Just wow. Way to drop the fucking ball.

(I may be back to write up my feelings, but I'm literally just too angry right now to be fair to the other characters, just fuck you glee, where is my fix-it fanfiction fandom? I want Kurt and Blaine to do nothing but fucking in increasingly creative ways. super vague spoiler side note )
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Ok yes, I'm sorry I guess I really need to do a meta as an ETA to my review of last nights episode of glee.

Because I may have made the general mistake of letting myself be distracted by the gays and Blaines shining face and the fact that trans issues where actually treated with respect. And also, because this problem isn't new and I need to say something about it every episode and I kind of accepted it with a heavy heart, like I accept so many things about glee, because it has one of my few canon couples being adorable on screen and also hilarious movies.

But once in a while it is time to put on my big feminist hat and speak about the fact, that while Glee has made excellent episodes and changes for gay people in mass-media and at home. Has tackled quite a few interesting and controversial topics well and made a difference for many people socially, over the boundaries of what a silly little Musical show probably expected. But it has never, never, ever been able to do gender right.

Glee and female representation: an un-love story (slight concept spoiler for 3x16) )
As I said in the beginning, this is not a new problem. If I had to pick a show that does queer presentation right (at least more than others) glee would be in my mind in a heartbeat. But when it comes to female representation it would maybe not be the last one, but definitely way down the list (even Supernatural is better and there every woman dies!)

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unpopular opinion time (not really): I really love satire when it’s done well even if it’s done for stuff I really like. I just noticed again, because I just found out about the glee reviews from vulture and I’m laughing my ass off. Not because I necessarily agree with everything they say (though they do have some points, because glee is horribly broken, omg, why can’t my babies be in a better scripted show ;___;), like I am not that harsh and my love for Blaine is endless, but because their satire comes from a place of caring AND more importantly doesn’t discrimante.

I just noticed that that is what good satire is about for me. I worried a bit the past few weeks, because I felt compelled to defend Blaine/Darren from all the hate he gets, that I was choosing to be selectively blind and wouldn’t be able to takeanycriticism against him. Which would suck, because people are totally entitled to find him boring, if they want to. But the difference ingoodsatire, like in what vulture does, is to be fair about it. If the writers make weird choices, make fun of that, if the actors make funny faces, take a piss. But don’t do it to one character if you wont do it to another. 

They do it to everyone in a cheeky way and then I can totally crack up about Kurt-wardrobe-ridiculing and Blaine-bashing.

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Glee': Last week's episode inspires record traffic for LGBT suicide prevention organization The Trevor Project

lee‘s winter finale featured a story line surrounding former bully Karofsky (Max Adler), who attempted suicide after finding himself the target of gay bullying. The episode included a PSA for the Trevor Project, a national organization that helps prevent LGBT suicide that counts Daniel Radcliffe and Glee‘s own Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, and Adler among its supporters. The episode of the Fox hit led to a record number of traffic for the organization’s website and phone number. “What was great about the show is that they worked in conjunction with us so we knew in advance that there was going to in all likelihood be an increase in volume,” says cofounder Peggy Rajski. “What happened was the volume went up about 300 percent, but we were ready.”

Rajski says the Trevor Project toll-free number fielded triple the number of calls normally received, plus a huge online boost. “On average, our site probably attracts about an average of 1500 visits a day,” she admits. “Tuesday we got 10,000. There’s the power of network TV.”

And that's why love or hate the decisions the writers made with the episode, it was worth it for the thousand of people who may have a better/longer life because of it. If that is what happens because of it, if people from all over understand that it's not weak to need help and not uncommon to feel bad, I will live with any clunky dialouge or hammy choices. Because in the end that's what counts.

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Sooo because I obviously had to much time on my hand today (Procrastination FTW) and was always asking myself, who actually gets the most songs etc. on Glee (and didn't find it anywhere else), I compiled a Top Three list. Now because they are some differences in when they joined etc. I'm going to do a bit of breakdowen, different categories, if you will. All the information is taken from the Character pages of the glee wikia and I only looked at the regular kid members (+Sam)

All Seasons )

Season One )

Season Two )

Season Three )
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This is my opinion and I will word it as carefully and sensitive as I know how, but it will still contain possibly triggering material, because of its nature and I really don't want to hurt anyone over what in the end is just entertainment, so if you think it will be too harsh on you, please, please just don't read it.

Jesus that is heavy stuff )

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Spoilers for songs, and behind the scenes interview. )

Also as someone had pointed out, Blaine/Kurt related songs have never made much sense relationship wise and yeah, from the ones I can remember....


1. Baby it's cold outside: pre-Klaine and while it was flirty it didn't have anything to do with their characters

2. Let it snow: the same as 1. just this time with established Klaine

3. Candles: They just got together....and sing a break-up song

4. Perfect: Where they both sing about how another character entirely is perfect.

Group-number leads

1. Animal: ehm, yeah pre-Klaine about being really in lust with someone

2. Love Shack: ......a song about how they would really like to have a great big orgy? (WTF)


They haven't been a lot, especially cause you can't always tell if they are singing it for them.

Like , correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Kurt has ever sung for Blaine, even "Blackbird" was for Pavarotti, not Blaine.

So that leaves us with

1. Teenage Dream: which is topical, but so, so pre-Klaine that it barely counts as a serenade

2. Somewhere only we know: kind of topical, but also super sad, again a break up song and more the message of the Warblers than anyone else

So yeah, maybe Song Selection really doesn't tell us a lot about what those two crazy kids will be up to

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Uh yeah, I actually only set out to write an episode reaction, but instead it turned into a longwinded meta analysis of the David - Kurt relationship...Idek

So if anyone is interested in it, my thoughts on it, based on todays episodes, meaning, massive spoilers for "Heart" under the cut as well as a disclaimer, that I'm not a Kurtofsky shipper, but I don't hate on anyones preferences and I hope you will extend me the same curtesies ;)

Why I think the Kurt-David wouldn't work and shouldn't happen )


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