May. 15th, 2011 05:13 pm
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I got my assignment! Very exited, I have never, ever done something like this, I hope it turns out well ;)

Seeing as the moderators at [ profile] spn_summergen recommended writing another little pointer post for the one who got me. Soooo, here goes:

Hello lovely anonymous person! Maybe you will read this, maybe you wont need to, but if you do I hope its helpful (I kind of forgot exactly what I requested, so this is more a general thing, I hope I'm not repeating myself too much^^):

As you may have guessed from my prompts I am very much a Sam-girl. But that doesn't mean it has to be Sam  POV! He should maybe feature promiently, but where would he be without Dean or Bobby etc. Actually, I have something of a weakness for Outsider/Minor character POV, because I love to see the reactions and thoughts of people, who don't necessarily consider normal what the main characters think of every day life.

I am ok, with show-like angst level, but I am at heart a schmoop, so a totally bleak ending would make me really sad (I know I'm a wuss, sue me^^)

Other than that, if you want to mix and match my prompts or go somewhere totally else with something, be my guest! AU, crossover, what-if, see what you can come up with! I think that's half the fun of such exchanges seeing where people go with your ideas.

I have turned on anon commenting, if you wanna drop a line (if you are allowed^^)

Looking forward to what you come up with!

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So seeing as this is another rec post challenge, you get more recs from me, but this time I'm sticking to fiction, but as per the rules they are all at least 6 months old^^

To make things more interesting I will rec stuff that I consider to be real gems in their respective fandoms, but generally not that well known which is too bad because they are awesome.

I have tried to limit myself, I could rec many more and maybe I will later, so these are just the ones that popped into mind instantly, because they are new to me or I recently re-read them etc. I also tried to give a wide range of fandoms justice, so I hope everyone finds something they might enjoy

Warning some of these fics are Gen, slash, het, some PG and some NC-17, while I wont label them, all the pages I've linked to give a rating in their descriptions so I hope that's enough. If someone wants me to put in pairings, please say so and I will.

On to the recs )

Well that was fun, maybe I will do rec lists more often ;)

till then


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