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Feeling especially fat and ugly today. Where the fuck is my knight in shining armor anyway. le sigh. Bah tomorrow I'll feel better about it I suppose and its a horribly stupid girly problem anyway (fuck you media btw, fuck you very much). Just how is one supposed to pick up/flirt with guys for an ego boost when you feel like everyone will turn you down anyway, because you weigh 10 kilo over the beauty standard. Its a stupid cycle of stupid, which is wrong and just self pitying, but can't help myself somtimes.

In other news, YGO fandom get off your ass and produce something readable I'm begging you. Sometimes I get in the mood and 90% of what you have to offer I don't even get to the back button, because the summary already tells me that I will have no desire to read your stupid Mary Sue/mpreg/author insert/badly written mess.

Now I'm going back to procrastinating my procrastination and watching a guy  in the shadows talk about bad pop music


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