Jan. 8th, 2013

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Title: Trees are always a relief after dealing with people (except when they aren’t) (Also on AO3)

Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Scott, Sheriff, Allison, mentions of Lydia and Danny

Rating:R (for wing!kink and oral)
Word Count: ~ 16.000

Additional stuff: fluffiness, not enough sex to actually deserve the rating, for some reason foodstuff is being used to adorable effect again, idek

Derek Hale decides to become a hermit before he reaches 25. Too bad he picked Beacon Hills as his retirement home.
(Or the one where Stiles is a wood nymph/pixie/human hybrid who falls in love with his new grumpy werewolf neighbour)

Authors Notes: This is a fic I wrote for lenfantsavage for the tw_holidays exchange over at livejournal. She told me she would be delighted to read creature!stiles with bonus sex.

And when I couldn't think of anything, julie (halffizzbin) pitched me the idea of nymph!stiles and then it grew...and grew and finally mutated into this fic, which is by far the longest fic I have ever written of anything.

Thanks to lenfantsavage for the awesome prompt and of course mega-special-ultra thanks go to Julie, who not only came up with the idea, but who was an amazing cheerleader as this thing just would not stop growing and provided me with an extremely high speed beta so I would make my deadline. I love you, you are the best!

It's ridiculous and pointless, but I enjoyed writing it very much and it rapidly became my baby to be honest, so I hope you will enjoy it too^^

Stiles is furious )


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