Apr. 18th, 2012

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Ok yes, I'm sorry I guess I really need to do a meta as an ETA to my review of last nights episode of glee.

Because I may have made the general mistake of letting myself be distracted by the gays and Blaines shining face and the fact that trans issues where actually treated with respect. And also, because this problem isn't new and I need to say something about it every episode and I kind of accepted it with a heavy heart, like I accept so many things about glee, because it has one of my few canon couples being adorable on screen and also hilarious movies.

But once in a while it is time to put on my big feminist hat and speak about the fact, that while Glee has made excellent episodes and changes for gay people in mass-media and at home. Has tackled quite a few interesting and controversial topics well and made a difference for many people socially, over the boundaries of what a silly little Musical show probably expected. But it has never, never, ever been able to do gender right.

Glee and female representation: an un-love story (slight concept spoiler for 3x16) )
As I said in the beginning, this is not a new problem. If I had to pick a show that does queer presentation right (at least more than others) glee would be in my mind in a heartbeat. But when it comes to female representation it would maybe not be the last one, but definitely way down the list (even Supernatural is better and there every woman dies!)

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