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Hello my dear!

Obviously you can do what you like with the fandoms and characters I pick, but if you want some additional inspiration/want to know what i Iike this post is for you! I just included the bare bones of what I really like because I really don't want to pressure you, but if you want to ask something specific, anon comments are allowed so feel free to ask!

My general fandom-unspecific no-go's are: major character death, rape, teacher/student sexual relationships

My general fandom unspecific things I love are: Outsider POV (especially mistaken assumptions^^), frienships, awesome ladies.

My all time favourites in that series are Tavi and Kitai, so anything involving them would be amazing. Especially missing scenes in between the books when Tavi was at the academy or with the First Aleran.

With Wild Adapter I have a wild preference for anything domestic. I don't even care if they are only cooking or going shopping with Makoto's old mafia friends, just anything with them being not-shot^^

As I couldn't choose them, I would just like to note that I love the ladies and would be more than thrilled if they were included somehow. Otherwise I also love to think about the time Vash spent with that colony or in fact anything in the 150 years that he just wandered after the crash

Oh, Kekkaishi. I'd really be happy with anything at all involving Yoshimori, but I do have a special weakness for someone just being really confused by him and his seemingly bi-polar personality if you are not in the know (or in fact if you are in the know and expect some hardcore super strong/scary guy and are then confronted with Yoshimori)

Anything involving Isolfr settling into his role after "A companion to wolves" would be amazing (him slowly falling into love/being in love would be the icing on the cake just saying^^). Though him confronting his father/siblings would also be amazing.

Another one I would love to see some after-series domestic fluff. Though seeing Arisawa's fellow students react to Masayoshi would be hilarious too
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