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Because I actually really liked the last two weeks episodes? I mean they had their dumb moments - it's glee - but compared with thinks like "glease" it was top-notch

Part of that could be, that both episodes have heavily featured Blaine and I'm just that easy (I mean my favourite is still "Dynamic Duets" and that episode was basically about Blaine).

Part of it is also, that I preemptively spoiled myself for all the stupid shit (i.e. the crushes, urgh Ryan Murphy what did Friendship ever do to you, that you can't leave it alone), and while the "predatory gay" line was offensive, I like the idea that it's just Blaine kind of needing to put his feelings somewhere.

In Sadie Hawkins that whole character reversal on Sugar and Lauren was urgh, but on the other hand LAUREN!!! WHY AREN'T YOU THERE ALL THE TIME?!

I'm still kind of blah about Marley, though she and Jake are cute and I really dig the Jake+Ryder friendship, they have good chemistry together.

The Blam stuff continues to be above and beyond adorable. Like those two are just so sweet together! How proud there were in Sadie Hawkins and Blaine actually going out and making an motivational video for Sam that's just so d'awwwwww, Blaine you are the biggest sweetheart. I wouldn't have thought it, but their personalities fit together really well and I love that even in a funk Sam shows how much he just likes and admires Blaine's drive and personalities.

Additionally, I approve that we get repeated glimpses of Blaine's soft tyranny of all the McKinley societies. He gets shit done!

The Tina-Blaine stuff is a bit...mhm on the one hand I really love their frienship moments (that cafeteria scene!) and she does acknowledge that her crush is hopeless, but she is still relentlessly hitting on him, which makes me a bit uncomfortable (though it does give us great lines where Tina speaks for all of us)

From a tweet from Ryan, I hope it will actually give us a bit of Tina character developement later on (which we haven't really had since s1 let's be honest) about how she is kind of compensating for her insecurities here (which would be such a great "fuck you" to all the Blaine haters who liked to pretend that Tina didn't get focus because of him TAKE THAT SHE IS GETTING MORE FOCUS THAN EVER!!) The last two eps I liked enough to be cautiously optimistc about this

Another huge reason I liked it is actually Finn. Finn is just so great this season, I enjoy him a lot in the role of glee club leader. He brings that exuberance and just plain decentness with him, while being sensitive and supportive. He supports Tina's ideas, I loved his talk with Artie, telling him that saying "no" was a brave thing to do, what he said about Sam was super sweet. Also his antogonistic relationship with Sue is just soooo good, because he handles her super well and him and Beiste in a scene together is always gold

I LOVED SEEING RACHEL IN HER OLD CLOTHES!!! Finally they acknowledged that huge shift in her personality. "slutty barbie" is right. Torn was a really cool number, I liked what they did there witth the camera's and the mirrors. Other than that...i don't really care that much for New Rachel this season, oh well (and man Brody kind of gets on my tits...I didn't think I'd ever miss Finchel, but I really, really do)

Kurt! Darling! I'm so happy you got to do what you wanted! And Adam is cute! Like, I'm not a relentless shipper, I can live with you branching out and just you not getting him flirting with you is so precious. Still not really stoked about the "Baby got back" thing but "eh" it's glee.

I'm really looking forward to next episode (and Blaine in a red feather vest, mhmmm) and it has truly been awhile since I could say that, so kudos to you glee writers!,
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