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Ok, here is something I have never done before, but seeing as a few manga people are following me now, I might as well try it. It might get me back into reading other series I have stopped (Pandora Hearts is next, but Ao no Exorcist is still looking good as well...)

It was a fruitful week indeed, as 3 of the monthly series I'm following updated:



I know it is kind of old news, because last chapter had already been pretty conclusive about it, but seeing him actually disintigrating, fully with an Allen flashback ;__________________;.

I really love to hate this new villain and yay Jasdebi! We haven't seen them pretty much since the Ark arc, so I'm pretty happy that they are around, even though they probably wont stand a chance against Acopalypse


Remember when we said Hoshino couldn't be more obvious? I GUESS WE WERE WRONG!

Kanda becoming a general is really intriguing, though and I'm excited to see where it will lead. I feel like D.Gray-man is finally starting to pick up again, making me sit at the edge of my seat. (though I had the same complaint as always... WHERE IS ALLEN!!??)

Noblesse is cool right now, with its setting up of the confrontation. A lot of this chapter was exposition, but it was fine, we needed a breather as did the characters. It also provided an opportunity for these handsome faces:

I really missed them! I'm really glad they are getting back into the story, at least a little bit.

Another thing I liked is that Lukedonia is back to getting involved, though I'm kind of sad they didn't send Karias to be honest XD

And lastly I'll come to the big thing of this week: Rai. It had to have happened at some point, because you simply can't have an unbeatable character, but it still tore at my heartstrings. Though I just don't believe Frankenstein will actually wake him up. I think he'll wake up on his own later in the story, when nearly all hope is lost, because a) I think Frankenstein would want to make him rest and b) dramatically it packs a bigger punch

Oh Kuroshitsuji, you remain my favourite well written, well drawn crack.

Also, I do appreciate you trying to explain cricket to me, but I realised I just do not care enough and seeing as you are being as ridiculous and mean as always about winning this, I don't feel like I have to anyway XD


Cautious fanfic rec of the day: So let it be said, so let it be done, Yu-Gi-Oh, Puzzleshipping, It's not every day a person gets a second chance at life. Sometimes the doors we walk through lead us to places we'd never thought we'd go... or right back to where we started.
Cautious, because I haven't actually read it all, but it's a yu-gi-oh fanfic that I haven't read before and the writing is good enough to not scare me off 4 chapters in, so I'm counting it as a win

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