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No seriously, it would have already been amazing just for all of Blaines faces of sheer delight. Oh my god, he is the most precious motherfucker out there, he was just so happy about Disco Week. I legimately had to pause the video a few times, because my squees would have drowned everything out otherwise. Oh Blaine let me love you, you are just so unbelivably cute. His face when he sees the dancefloor has to be my favourite though. Just wide open grin and clapping hands jesus you are the best.

Also Bike Chanderson and Sunshine Twins is so on. And that makes me so unbelievably happy. Adding to that the little shot of pure O_o we got of Kurt at the mid-air split (my, whatever could you be thinking about^^), and alskdfhsajkdhf pair dancing (every shot of that was flawless btw, from the handholding, to the finger kissing, the dip and just Blaines enourmous heart eyes be more in love I dare you). That alone would have made the episode worth it (especially, cause I belong to the minority that actually didn't mind the Disco)

But I actually also enjoyed the storylines. Brittany was amazing (omg, I want to watch Lord Tubbington perform more household chores), I love it when they show her sensitivity. I mean she was nothing if not supportive and still showed Santana the error of her ways. Cory reminded me that he is actually a really good actor (seriously Finn just often doesn't get to do a lot of different emotions, but I really enjoyed his talk with Mr. Schuester). Ok, Rachel wanting to give up her dream was BOOOOOOOOOOO, but I really liked the Finchel scene at the end, it was sweet.

God, I can't really get behind Samcedes (I'm sorry!), but they were still very sweet and omg Chord your face when you recorded "Disco Inferno" hahahhahaha flawless acting.

The trans issue.....was handled relatively well for glee standards (definitely better than the bi storyline, as much as I enjoyed BiotA) and "Boogie Shoes" was amazing, but urgh aside from Samuel (Jo is now also apparently tight with Blaine, they were so cute on the dancefloor) all those glee project people just can't act. I nearly didn't get through it, because his acting legitimaly made me cringe so much. Damian got better over time, but really the only one I could really get attached to is Teen Jesus, who finally enough is vocally the most boring, but the only one I like watching play his character.

So all in all, I really really enjoyed this episode, it's probably going down in my top Glee episodes, because the storytelling was tight, they seemed to have remembered how to write Will, so that I actually like him, the theme made sense and Blaine should be able to be a giant dancing puppy all the time.
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